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Giant Discounts Started in Ubisoft Store! Plus coupon available

We are in a discount period again in games. Both Steam and Epic Games are announcing the discounts one by one. We are already used to the discounts made by Epic Games and Steam services, but this time the discount comes from a different place. Ubisoft Store has launched a new discount campaign.

Moreover, the company announced that it will follow the path of Epic Games and give a coupon gift in addition to the discounts. Let’s look at the details for the discount of Ubisoft, which we saw that made big discounts in the last games.


Ubisoft Store Discounts and Validity Period

I would like to start by talking about the coupon opportunity offered to players. There are already discounts on almost all games and their content, but if you have games worth 15 Euros , that is 250 TRY , or more, you can get a discount of 10 Euros, or 168 TRY , with the additional coupon .

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It is possible to benefit from this additional discount by using the coupon code  “LEGEND22” . Apart from that, if you ask what kind of discounts there are on general games, I can say that there are discounts up to 80% .

This is also true for the latest games. For example , Far Cry 6 has been discounted by as much as 50% and has dropped to a price of 134 TL . Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has been discounted by 60% and dropped to 107 TL .

It should be noted that these discounts for the Ubisoft Store also have a period. It is said that the discounts will be valid until 31 May . Let us remind you once again that the same applies to the coupon.


We wish we see these game discounts more often. Because many famous productions have been sold at very affordable prices in the last couple of months. Just the other day, we saw that FIFA 22 dropped to a price of 95 TL. By the way, without forgetting , let’s add the Store page for all discounts .


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