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F1 2022 Price, Release Date and All Other Details

What the FIFA series is in the football games category, the F1 series is in the Formula 1 game category. For players who love formula racing , I think there is no better game option than the F1 series signed by EA Games and Codemasters . Here’s a good news for those who follow this series. The new game of the series, F1 2022 , has been announced.

We expect the game, whose release date, price and all other details are announced, to be one of the new favorites. Let’s see what the new game will offer us and most importantly, how are the prices.


Changes and Prices to Be Presented in the F1 2022 Game

First of all, the new game will provide such an advantage that the vehicles are now renewed. The newly introduced new generation Formula 1 vehicles are included in the game.

Along with the new vehicles, the new F1 season is also among the pluses included in the game. We already know that the series progresses according to the racing seasons. At this point , it was announced that 10 different teams and 20 pilots will take part in the game completely. An extra study was carried out on the modeling of the vehicles. It looks pretty realistic.

Apart from these, you will be able to find many pluses such as new rules, an adaptive artificial intelligence management, split-screen multiplayer experience, a more detailed My Team section, an ongoing career section.

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Apart from all these, VR support will also come to the fore with F1 2022 . Thanks to the VR support, you will feel as if you are in the race.


What about the prices for F1 2022, which comes with renewed and more successful graphics ?


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