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Expected Game Arma Reforger Announced! Arma 4 Game is also on the way

Bohemia Interactive made the expected surprise and announced for the new Arma game. The series, which appeared with the latest Arma 3 production, will now appear with Arma Reforger.

But let’s say from the beginning that the Reforger game is not the sequel to the series, namely Arma 4. We can call the 4th game a transition game.


It was announced as a production that will allow us to see the dynamics of the 4th game and support the development process of the game. I want to go into details about the game right away.

Arma Reforger How One Game?

The new production, which the company offers in preparation for the 4th game, which will be the most comprehensive game of the series, comes with a new game engine. We can say that this is the biggest change.

Enfusion game engine was used in the production. Thanks to the new game engine, new dynamics will be presented. Gameplay will be a little better. Of course, we will clearly see the development in graphics as well.

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As for the story, the new game Arma Reforger will take place in the 1980s . It should also be noted that the production, which will be processed on the Everon map, is currently in early access.

Users who wish can purchase the production on Steam. Let’s say that the price of the production in Turkey is announced as 219 TL for now.


But of course, the main issue to consider is that the game is in early access level. So there may be bugs and optimization issues for now.

We don’t know when this game will be completed anymore. But when it’s complete, we know it’ll be coming for consoles as well as PC. Thus, the game will be the first Arma game to come for consoles.


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