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Epic Games Will Give Ambitious Games For 4 Weeks

A new discount period has started for Epic Games . We recently shared and shared the details about this new discount period, which is known as the mega discount period. There are really good deals on games.

But there is one point that really stands out. And that is the free games that the company will give during this period.


Epic Games Will Give Very Ambitious Games

Every Thursday during the discount period , Epic Games will offer an ambitious game for free.

Recall that this week’s game was Borderlands 3 . The company will continue to give ambitious games until the discount period ends.

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During the discount period, the safe will be opened every Thursday and a mysterious game will be free.

We will see this week’s game announced on May 26. We do not know which surprise production will be given, but we see that the counter has already started on the site.


I don’t know which games you want to buy from the discount, but my suggestion is that you don’t miss the free games.

If you are already following Epic Games discounts and game campaigns, you have a rich game library. The platform offered many games for free, from the production of GTA 5 to the production of Prey.

In the meantime, let’s also mention that when free games are released every week, we will feature them on our site. Don’t forget to stay tuned.


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