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Epic Games Mega Discount May 2022 Campaign Has Started!

Epic Games Mega Discount May 2022 campaign has started as of the last day. Epic Games, which continues to give free games on the one hand, has also started discounts on all games.

Moreover, I would like to add that there is another surprise. Namely, apart from game discounts, users will also have coupons that will provide a certain amount of additional discount. Well, of course, it would not be possible to tell so blindly. Let’s get into the details.


All Details for Epic Mega Discount May 2022 Campaign

In discounts , we see that the price of many games has decreased by up to 75% . The discount event, which started on May 19, 2022 , will last for almost 1 month. The event will end on June 16, 2022 at 18:00 Turkish Time and game discounts will be cancelled.

During this process, Epic Games will give users an additional 25% discount with an Epic Coupon . The coupon can be used only once, and users must have at least 199.99 TL worth of games in their basket in order to use the coupon.

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Last time, we saw that 150-160 TL discount coupons were offered in the discount campaign, but it seems that this time the situation is different. This time, the company completed the coupon event with an additional 25% discount.


During the discount process, surprises will be made about game content specific to players. We will also see campaigns such as discounts on packages, discounts for additional content on certain famous games.

For now , Epic Mega Discount May 2022 campaign details are as follows. If there is a different news or a new surprise during the discount period, we will share it again.


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