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Epic Games Made 3 Games Free This Week

e are used to the free games of Epic Games , but the company continues to surprise users from time to time by taking different steps. While we were used to giving 2 free games every week, another surprise came this week and 3 games were offered for free.

Moreover , Epic Games underlined that there will be a surprise production in the free game that it will give next week. We will look at the free games given this week, but let’s emphasize again that we expect a surprise next week.


Epic Games Free Games of the Week: Prey, Redout Enhanced Edition and Jotun Valhalla

Without wasting any time, let’s talk briefly about the games. Of course, it should be noted that the game that stands out among these productions is Prey.


In the game, which is a science fiction thriller, you are on the Talos space station for an experiment. But the aliens attacking the station cause everything to change and you suddenly find yourself in a story full of tension. Let us remind you that the price of the game is 200 TL in normal time , but it will be given free of charge until 19 May .

Redout Enhanced Edition

One of the racing games that offers a completely different experience. On the one hand, you have to race and on the other hand, you have to pass the obstacles full of various actions. Let’s add that the game, whose normal price is 17 TL , can be taken free of charge until 19 May.


Jotun Valhalla Edition

As the name suggests, you control a Viking character named Thora in the game, which takes place in Norse mythology. Your goal is to gain entry into Valhalla by pleasing the gods. It is an action adventure type game. Let’s add that the game , whose normal price is 25 TL, will remain free for only 1 week, like other productions.

If you add all these productions to your account within 1 week, the games will now be yours. We will continue to enrich our Epic Games library with each passing day.


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