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Death Stranding 2 is on its way! When will it arrive?

Aside from its story and gameplay, Death Stranding , which is famous for the presence of world-famous actor Norman Reedus , is currently on the agenda with the excitement of the new game.

The continuation of the series was already expected to come, but there was no information about when it would come. Frankly, we didn’t even know when the game would start being developed. However, an interview given by the famous actor Norman Reedus recently revealed that the game has already started to be developed.


Death Stranding 2 is on its way!

Talking about Motion Capture technology used in the game during an interview, the famous actor explained that they started making the new game using the same technology.

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The information given by the famous actor is limited to this. In other words, a kind of successful player approved the sequel, but did not give any information about when it will come or what the differences will be.

However, one should be open to surprises. If the game’s development release has already begun, then we may get some information as part of the upcoming big game fair, Summer Games Fest Live .

The company can give information about the new game, albeit superficially. For now it’s all just a guess. As of now, we cannot answer the question of when Death Stranding 2 will be released . We will wait for the announcement of new details for the new game. There is no other choice for now.


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