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Arma 4 To Be Announced Coming Soon

Bohemia Interactive ‘s hit military simulation game series Arma has been silent for a long time. The series was last seen with Arma 3. Almost 9 years after its release, the game receives constant updates or patches, but no Arma 4 game has come.

It is debatable whether it needs to come or whether the Arma 3 updates are enough, but brand new claims for the new game have started to come up.


If we evaluate according to the latest claims, the new game may be announced very soon.

Latest Developments for Arma 4

The reason for the allegations to come to the agenda is the event that will be held on Twitch on May 17 . It is thought that announcements will be made for the new game at the “Future of Arma” event, which will be organized by Bohemia Interactive .

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On the one hand, we expect the developments planned for Arma 3, and on the other hand, the announcements for the new game.

We will wait for the event to be held tomorrow for the new game, which claims to offer a much better experience, especially in terms of graphics.


If an announcement is made for a truly new Arma game, it would be great news for both the company and the loyal players of the series. Because, as we said, it has been 9 years since the 3rd series of the production.

Of course, the structure in Arma is a little different. New content is constantly being added to the game, and with dozens of stories prepared by the players, the interest in the production becomes constant. But still, it would be better to see a new game with new graphics and new gameplay.


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