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Apex Legends Saviors Season Announced! What’s In?

Although it was later included in the Battle Royale race, Apex Legends, which has a unique audience, announced for its new season the other day. The new season, which will be called Apex Legends Saviors , will once again animate the game.

There are no big changes to be exaggerated, but let’s say there are regulations that will bring a little more color to the game. In addition, with the new season, our new hero will be added to the game. We already know that this hero has been in leaks for a while and his official images have been published before.

What’s New with Apex Legends Saviors

Before we talk about the innovations in the new season, let’s talk a little bit about this hero. The new hero, named Newcastle, will stand out with his shield and robocop-like armor.


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We will see in the game what more the Newcastle character, who is said to have advantages such as protecting his teammates, can do with his personal energy shield .

Now let ‘s come to the other adjustments and innovations made with the season of Apex Legends Saviors . In the new season, it seems that there is a monster in the game. In the trailer of the season, we see the monster as dead, but there is also a statement that “even dead animals carry danger”. Now we’ll see how much of an impact it will have on the game.


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