50 Percent Discount on Your Favorite Home: Trendyol Real Estate is Available!

Trendyol , one of the most popular online shopping platforms in our country , has entered the real estate sector by adding a new one to its services. Thanks to Trendyol Real Estate, which is available as of today, you will now be able to view house ads through the Trendyol application.

Trendyol Real Estate , which started to appear on the internet quietly in March we left behind, was put into use as of June 30, 2022.


In addition to being a marketplace, Trendyol currently sells market products to meet your market needs, lists your food needs within restaurants and hosts the Dolap application where you can buy and sell second-hand products.

Trendyol Real Estate service is now open to the membership of people/institutions selling real estate and houses. The platform, which will be used with monthly fees, has three different packages and offers free use for the first month, exclusive to the launch.


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