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When will the Cat Simulation Game Stray be released?

Stray is one of the productions that lovers of different genres are eagerly waiting for. We also know that the game has been developed for a long time, but there was no information about when it would be released.

The expected statement came at Sony’s State of Play event. As part of the event, both the video of the game was shared and the release date was announced. Moreover, we saw that pre-orders were opened.


Stray Coming July 19th

The production, which will be released for both PC and PlayStation, will be released as of July 19 . Let’s also mention that the game, which is currently open for pre-orders, is on sale on Steam. The sale price is currently 144 TL .

The discount will probably end after the game is released The discount rate is not very high anyway. It’s about 10% off .

Let’s talk about the game for those who are wondering what kind of game Stray is . As we said at the beginning, the production is exactly a cat simulation production. The difference is that the production is about a period slightly more advanced than the world we know.

You control a stray cat in a cyberpunk-like world and run for survival while fighting against all the dangers of the environment.


We will see how much attention Stray , one of the expected games of the year , will attract with this different structure. It’s also nice that the game is out for both PC and PlayStation. But as we said, we will see how the actors will approach this different production.


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