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Resident Evil Village VR Sounds So Ambitious

Horror game lovers must have heard the name of the Resident Evil Village production. The game is quite scary with tense music and places full of tension. At this point, there is another good news for production lovers. Resident Evil Village VR version announced.

The explanations and shared video for the new version announced within the scope of State of Play events show that a very ambitious horror production will come.


Resident Evil Village VR Will Use All the Features of PS VR2

With the new VR version, the fear factor of the game will come to the fore a little more. In fact, there will not be big changes in the story and the way the story works, but of course, the players will experience this experience in the virtual reality world.

You know, we said above about places full of tension and music full of tension, here you will be exactly in this environment with Resident Evil Village VR .

You can check the system requirements for the current game here.

In the published video, it shows how much scarier the game can be in terms of virtual reality.

Moreover , Capcom announced that the production will support all PS VR2 title features. All features such as eye tracking feature, 3D sound feature, HDR screen pros will be evaluated.


With Sony’s new virtual headset, the game will also offer a much better virtual reality experience.

The bad thing is that it is not yet clear when the PS VR2 title or the Resident Evil Village VR game will be on the market. For the game to be released, the VR2 headset must be presented first. Because the game will come for the PS VR2 title and the title will be required to play.


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