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Free Game of the Week at Epic Games: Wolfenstein The New Order

Epic Games’ surprise game cards continue to be announced one by one. Last week, we saw that a collection surprise was made. This week’s mystery game is also available. Maybe it’s not a very expensive game, but Wolfenstein The New Order , one of the most popular productions of a period, was free.

The production, which I think FPS game lovers must have heard, may be a good option for those who have not tried it yet.


What Kind of Game Is Wolfenstein The New Order And How Free Is It?

Let’s start with the story of the game. The production, which is based on an alternative past concept, deals with the subject of what would have happened if the Nazis had won the Second World War . You are fighting against the Nazis in small resistance groups.

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Wolfenstein, which is a nice FPS production, is normally offered for sale at a price of 58 TL when we look at the price. However, as part of the mysterious game campaign, the game will continue to be given completely free of charge until June 9th .

As always, if you add the game to the library within this period, the game will be yours from now on. For those who want to add the production to their library immediately , we also add a link here . You can reach the free game page via the link.


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