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TikTok Is Moving To Televisions This Time

TikTok , if you look at it, started to spread faster than the corona virus. It is debatable what kind of application it is or whether it is correct or incorrect, but its growth rate is indisputable. New steps are constantly coming for the application, which closed the year 2020 as a leader, to attract even more attention.

The social media giant, which has recently been on the agenda with a new update against Instagram, has now announced that it will enter televisions. According to the statement, the Android TV version is also available.


TikTok will be available on Android TV

According to the statement, you will now be able to use the application on Android TVs. Moreover, as in the mobile version, the system of liking videos, recording videos and switching between videos will remain the same.

Let’s add that the Android TV version, which will offer the features in the mobile version, needs some time to be used all over the world. The TV version is presented, but device supports will be given piecemeal.

You can think of it as giving these updates piecemeal. After the Android TV step, it is very difficult to know what is next. But this TikTok frenzy seems not to pass easily. Although it seems meaningless to most people, the application is constantly gaining new users and increasing its activity.


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