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TCL Fold N Roll Officially Introduced!

TCL Corporation, one of the China-based technology manufacturers, officially introduced the second member of the foldable smartphone family at the Mobile World Congress. TCL Fold N Roll offers two different ways to expand your screen. This model traditionally has a book-shaped opening panel, but at the same time the left side of the display panel expands to provide extra space horizontally.

(In the first place, I thought of the foldable smartphone concept that Oppo introduced last year.)


The smallest version is 6.87 inches, the largest version is 10 inches!

With the TCL Fold N Roll, you get three different screen sizes with the smartphone mode that takes on the size of 6.87 inches. When the folds are unfolded, you have a 6.87-inch screen, while when the screen is opened, it transforms into an 8.85-inch phablet mode, and when the horizontally expanding part is unfolded, there is a full-blown 10-inch tablet mode.

The company provided these details last year when it announced the Fold N Roll in April and later showcased a working prototype in December.


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