Sony Announces INZONE Brand! New Player Equipment Coming

Sony , which has dominated the game industry with the PlayStation series , is currently in a new venture. This time, the brand made an announcement for its new sub-brand INZONE  , which it will focus on player equipment .

The first products of the new brand, which will focus on player equipment, were also introduced. For now , we have seen 3 new gaming headsets and 2 new gaming monitors introduced. Let’s take a look at Sony’s new products, where we will also talk about player hardware.


Sony INZONE H Series Gaming Headphones

The first products announced with the introduction of the brand were gaming headphones. We saw that 3 different models were announced , namely H9, H7 and H3 .

In general, the design of all 3 models is very similar to each other. All 3 models have 360 ​​degree Spatial Sound feature. Players will be able to perceive the surrounding sounds much better in the game.

Let’s also mention that among these models, the H3 gaming headset is wired , and the other two headset models are wireless.

In addition to the H9 headset , which is currently the flagship model, the double-sided noise canceling feature has also been announced. We can also say that the headphones, whose designs are somewhat reminiscent of PS5, have already been met with interest.


Sony INZONE M Series Gaming Monitors

Another product category of the brand that attracted attention was the player monitor models. For now, we see that the M9 and M3 monitor models are introduced.

Again , we see that the 27-inch monitors , which come with a very stylish design, are the flagship of the M9 model. It has Display HDR 600 certification, 4K resolution, 95% DCI-P3 color coverage, 144 Hz refresh rate, VRR support, 1 ms response time, Nvidia G-SYNC support .

The M3 model , on the other hand, has a 240 Hz refresh rate, despite the Full HD resolution value . This time, there are features such as DisplayHDR 400 certification, 99% RGB color coverage, 1 ms response time, Nvidia G-SYNC support and VRR support.

Along with all these products, Sony INZONE  brand is now on the market. New products of the brand will continue to arrive over time. We do not know what the prices will be, but we are talking about the products that will be sold in our country.


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