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Realme Announces 100/200W UltraDart Charging Technology!

Shenzhen-based smartphone manufacturer Realme has officially announced its next-generation charging technology called UltraDart . Realme GT Neo3 will be the first smartphone to use this new generation charging architecture, which will enable speeds ranging from 100W to 200W, and will have a 150W charging speed.

While the best of current smartphones using 18W and 65W Dart technology can fully charge in 35 minutes, UltraDart technology aims to make progress even faster while adding more features to ensure battery safety and longevity.


Meet the Temperature Management Algorithm

The aim of this technology is to be able to charge from 0 percent to 50 percent in just five minutes . In order to reach these figures, Realme uses multiple booster charge pumps to increase the current.

Thanks to the Temperature Management Algorithm, the battery temperature will remain below 43°C (110°F) while the device is charging, even if the user is playing a demanding game or playing a long video while simultaneously pushing the chipset while the smartphone is charging.

In the long run, high-quality lithium batteries will retain 80 percent of their capacity after more than 1,000 full charge cycles thanks to the Ultra Battery Protection System.


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