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HTC Returns to the Field: Unveiling Its Flagship Smartphone in April!

One of the legends of a period, Taiwan-based technology manufacturer HTC , may return to the field by introducing a flagship smartphone with Android operating system in the coming months, especially at a launch event in April.

Speaking from HTC Vive’s Asia Pacific General Manager Charles Huang at an event organized by the company at Mobile World Congress (MWC 2022) , the company will unveil a next-generation flagship, the first of its kind since the HTC U12+ introduced in 2018. It will be a smart phone.


Meet HTC Viveverse: the company’s very own metaverse platform!

We don’t know much about the smartphone yet, but according to the information obtained, the flagship phone will be a VR/AR focused smartphone with deep integration into HTC’s own open source metaverse platform called Viveverse .

What happened to HTC?

HTC sold most of its smartphone division to internet giant Google in 2018, and after this sale, it launched mid-range Android smartphones in certain markets. Now, the company is coming back to gain ground in global markets with a new flagship…


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