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European Prices of Xiaomi 12 Family Leaked!

Xiaomi 12 , the flagship-level smartphone family of China-based technology company Xiaomi , was officially launched in China in December 2021, but has not yet been released globally. A new rumor/leak that has surfaced today says what price tags the smartphones will have in the European market.

It is claimed that the 8GB RAM / 128GB Storage configuration of the Xiaomi 12 Pro model will have a price tag of 1000 Euros, and the 12GB RAM / 256GB storage will have a price tag of 1200 Euros.


The Xiaomi 12 model, whose price is expected to be between 800 Euros and 900 Euros, will come in two different configurations: 8GB RAM / 128GB Storage and 8GB RAM / 256GB Storage. The entry-level model Xiaomi 12 will not offer an upgrade in RAM, but will only offer more storage.

They will have three different color options

When we come to the Xiaomi 12X model, it is claimed that the price tag will be priced between 600 Euros and 700 Euros. It will have the same RAM and Storage configurations just like the Xiaomi 12 model.

Xiaomi 12, Xiaomi 12X and Xiaomi 12 Pro models; It will be available in three different color options: Blue, Gray and Purple. While the smartphone family is expected to be released in March, it is worth noting that the price tags in question are just speculation.

We do not currently know whether the smartphones will be available for sale in our country and how much the price tag will be.


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