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Certificate of Xiaomi 12 Extreme Edition Model Leaked

Xiaomi has made it a tradition to add new models to its flagship smartphones later. The brand continued the same tradition in the Mi 11 series. Now, it is said that the same will be true for the Xiaomi 12 series. So much so that we see that the certificates that are stated to belong to the Xiaomi 12 Extreme Edition model have leaked.

The certificates revealed on Weibo indicate that a much more powerful smartphone will come than the Xiaomi 12 models we have seen so far.


Xiaomi 12 Extreme Edition Will Come With New Processor

The key point that appears in the certificate is the information given for the processor that is expected to be on the phone. Here we see that the code SM8475 is passed.

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So it means that the next Snapdragon Gen will be used. We do not know whether it will be Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 directly or if it will be a model like Gen 1 Pro or Plus in between. What we know is that it will be a series on the flagship mobile processor available now.

Apart from that, there is no additional information for the 12 Extreme Edition , which is said to come with high RAM capacity and better cameras .

Is the name of the phone going to be exactly like this? Will there be a change in the screen part? When will the series be announced? These are questions we cannot answer.


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