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3G Becomes History With 5G: Millions of Devices Will Be Ineffective!

Some operators in the United States of America, with their statements, said that they will terminate the services they provide for 3G technology in the coming days, and with the termination of the 3G service, many devices will become unusable.

While 5G technology is in the middle of discussion around the world, it is now on its way to becoming a part of our daily lives. Although technology will add great innovation to our lives, it is currently a topic of discussion around the world, especially in the United States, due to flight safety risks.


Both Europe and the USA are parting ways with 3G!

In the months we left behind, it was announced that the service provided in 3G technology in both Europe and the United States would be terminated. While these decisions will lead to the development of both 4G and 5G technologies, they will pave the way for 6G technology and will lead to the start of work.

While Europe and the United States are parting ways with 3G technology, the Republic of Turkey will continue to provide 3G services for another 10 years .

What will happen when 3G service is unavailable?

Although 3G service is an old technology, when we look at the figures, it preserves its place in many products we use in our daily lives, and when 3G technology begins to sink into the dusty pages of history, many devices will become unusable.

Many devices such as GPS systems of cars with 3G technology, GPS Systems, handcuffs used in house arrest, some fire alarms and even home security systems will be unusable.

When 3G, which is a part of our lives in terms of security, suddenly becomes unusable, many malicious people will want to take advantage of this vulnerability and bad results may arise. No matter how much companies try to renew the old systems they use so that their customers do not suffer, it is not easy to do so in such a short time.




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