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Samsung Galaxy S9 Retired!

Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 + models , one of the flagship smartphones of Samsung , one of the technology giants based in South Korea, will no longer receive software updates. Introduced in early 2018, devices in the flagship segment are now being retired from the list of devices eligible for the company’s security updates.

In addition to these models, the Galaxy S10 family is now on its way to retirement by continuing to receive quarterly updates instead of monthly updates.


The Galaxy S9 family joins the ranks of retirees like their predecessors. In early 2021, when Samsung completely removed the Galaxy S8 models from the list, it cut monthly updates for the Galaxy S9 and started giving quarterly updates, and the same cycle was applied for the Galaxy S7 models a year ago.

The last major update the Galaxy S9 series received was the OneUI 2.5 interface update they received in late 2020. Goodbye grandpa!


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