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Launch Date for Xiaomi 12S Announced!

The launch date for the Xiaomi 12S , which was leaked to the internet in May, has finally been announced. The smartphone will be introduced at the official launch event next week on July 4th . Smartphones in the Xiaomi 12S series will also be one of the first Xiaomi phone models to feature Leica brand lenses.

If we look at the leaked images; Xiaomi 12S, Xiaomi 12S Pro and Xiaomi 12S Ultra models appear mysteriously. The green colored model (claimed to be 12S Pro) will have a leather panel and a gold metal frame.


We do not yet know the technical specifications of all the models in the series, especially the Xiaomi 12S, but the company stated that the 12S model is a small-sized flagship-level smartphone. The 12S Pro model, on the other hand, is stated to have the new flagship standards of 2022.


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