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Samsung Galaxy S22 FE Model May Not Come!

Samsung , one of the South Korean-based smartphone manufacturers , launched a Fan Edition (FE) series with the Galaxy S20 FE model, which has a more affordable price tag but offers features close to the flagship segment. Until now, the Galaxy S21 FE model has also been introduced, but according to rumors, it is stated that the Galaxy S22 FE model will not come.

According to this unofficial information, which has been confirmed by multiple sources, the company is expected to close the Fan Edition (FE) series in just two years.


Samsung had problems launching the Galaxy S21 FE nearly a year after the launch of the S21 series. Rumors arose at the time claimed that the delay was due to the ongoing global chip crisis. Subsequently, all the attention on the S21 FE model was directed to the S22 series, which was introduced a few weeks after the S21 FE.

It seems that the company is preparing to shelve the Galaxy FE series based on interest and focus. It is useful to underline that these are purely speculations. We will inform you when an official statement is made in the near future.


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