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The First iPhone With Unopened Gelatin Sold For 35 Thousand Dollars!

An original iPhone on gelatin that came out of an early production run of the first iPhone model by Steve Jobs, the legendary CEO of the United States-based software and technology giant company Apple, sold for $35,000 at a recent auction.

Introduced in June 2007, the first iPhone model lacked the iTunes Store, and we couldn’t even see the iTunes Store icon on the screen when we looked at the image on the box. When the company released the first iPhone models, it did not want to include the iTunes Store on the device, but later on, with the release of the 1.1 version of the iPhone OS operating system in September 2007, it was included in the system and the box design was updated.


The first iPhone model sold at auction, on the other hand, has a special value for collection and lacks the iTunes Store. The device, which is sold for a price of 35 thousand USD, has gelatin added to it when leaving the production line, and the device inside remains immaculate.


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