Procat and TESFED Announce New Collaborations for the Future of Esports

Turkey Esports Federation (TESFED) , aiming to communicate more effectively with 3.4 billion esports followers in the world and millions in Turkey, has signed a new cooperation with Procat to take the communication (call) center service to a higher level .

The digital gaming and esports industry, which has grown up during the pandemic period, maintains its growth trend. Esports market, which has come a long way in Turkey, especially in the last 5 years, has reached 1.2 billion dollars .


While young people’s interest in Esports grows, the number of calls to TESFED ( Turkish Esports Federation) , which operates for the development of Esports in Turkey  , is also increasing.

Aiming to speed up the communication processes with its esports followers, to make it easier and more efficient, TESFED has signed a collaboration with Procat, one of the important players of the call center sector .

Procat , which will offer a contact center service (Business Process Outsourcing) to the federation in the first place within the framework of the agreement, will enable the players to find answers to their questions much faster on the Discord channel with the team it has created for the project.

In the second phase of the cooperation with Procat, it is planned to integrate technologies that significantly increase the service level and satisfaction rate by analyzing incoming calls to the operation center for TESFED .

Eniz Akdağ, CCO of Procat, stated that the rapidly growing game industry will need more multi-channel communication centers, robotic process automation, digital solutions and speech technologies in the future.

 We witness that artificial intelligence and various automations enter our lives at an ever-increasing rate. As Procat, we implement our technology solutions that will make the lives of both our customers and their customers easier, with a ‘tailor-made’ modeling, after analyzing our business partners for whom we provide contact center service very well and determining their needs.



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