EVGA Ends Production of Graphics Cards

EVGA , one of the leading video card manufacturers , shook the technology world with a news that came to the agenda the other day. So much so that, according to the news, we learned that the graphics card giant will no longer produce cards.

It is also among the information received that a special meeting will be held for members of the technology press to inform them about the subject.


EVGA Ends Partnership with Nvidia

While we are waiting for the explanations to be made about the details of the subject, we learned that EVGA has decided to end its partnership with Nvidia , according to the first statements.

The reason was not financial problems, but deteriorated relations with Nvidia . As a result, the partnership with Nvidia was terminated.

After the decision, it was said that there would be no direction to GPU manufacturers such as AMD and Intel. In other words, EVGA has no plans to produce AMD or Intel graphics cards at the moment. They will be completely withdrawn from the market.

In line with the decision taken, we will see that the company does not offer RTX 40 series GPU models to the market. In fact , it is known that preparations are made for the RTX 40 series , but EVGA will no longer produce for these series.

Sales and product support of existing RTX 30 models will continue, but will be limited to that. At least for now.

It is also important what EVGA will say in detailed explanations, which is learned that it will shrink after this decision . We don’t know if it’s possible for him to revert from the decision.


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