Adobe Acquires Figma, Popular Design Application of Recent Years!

United States-based media software company Adobe has acquired the popular user interface design and prototyping program Figma for $ 20 billion.

Having met designs in 2016, Figma has become the most used and loved application by designers since the day it was released. Recently, Adobe, one of the major media software companies, announced that it would acquire Figma.


Will rival application Adobe XD vanish after purchase?

As you know, Adobe has a rival application called Adobe XD for Figma and Sketch applications, and it is not yet known what the fate of this application on the Adobe side will be after the purchase.

Considering Figma’s usability, features and wide community (Community) are the points that make the application stand out, it seems that Figma will outweigh these two applications under the same roof.

Figma’s CEO will continue to perform his duties.

Speaking about the relevant acquisition by Adobe, Figma CEO and Co-Founder Dylan Field expressed the following about what Adobe can add to the application:



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