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What Rockstar Games Said About GTA 6 Leaks

A big leak took place for the GTA 6 game on Sunday . Stating that they hacked the company, the hackers published gameplay footage allegedly taken from the game. At the same time, in another claim, it was said that the source codes of the game were stolen and 10 thousand lines of code were published.

“Will GTA 6 be delayed after the subject comes up ?” questions began to arise. Here is the explanation that caused all this smoke curtain to be opened, came from the Rockstar Games front.


No Postponement Considered for GTA 6

On the one hand, Rockstar , which is trying to remove the content and prevent the leaked images , is also giving information about the future of the game.

In the last briefing, the company admitted that there was unauthorized access to its systems. It was also stated how disappointed the company was that the details about the GTA 6 game were leaked in this way right after.

However, after these leaks, we have seen that the company has not made any postponement decision. Because in the statement , it was also said that the work for the new GTA series  will continue as planned.

Saying that the works will continue as planned shows that there is no such thing as postponing the game for now. Of course, it is necessary to wait for new statements in order to say something clear on this issue. Because neither in the past nor now , no announcement has been made about the release date of GTA 6 .


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