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Twitter Stopped Verification Requests Again!

Twitter , one of the social media giants , restarted its account verification program last week, allowing anyone to apply for the blue checkmark, but the company is stopping re-verification applications due to the volume of applications it’s already receiving.

“We are receiving verification requests,” the company said in a tweet .  We’ll be reopening requests soon! (We swear pinky)” he said.


When it officially opened the program for applications as of May 20, the company warned that the timeline for requests could be extended.  However, the volume of applications has already become so large that Twitter has chosen to pause applications altogether, just eight days after the program reopened.

Who can verify an account on Twitter?

With the new program (i.e. when it’s open), anyone can apply to get the coveted blue verification icon, so it’s not surprising that there are a lot of applications. Under the new guidelines, six categories of accounts may qualify for verification: government; companies, brands and organizations; news organizations and journalists; fun; sports and games; and activists, organizers and other influential people.


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