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“Tweet Editing” Feature Coming to Twitter!

Twitter users have long wanted an option to edit tweets, and the good news is that the microblogging site is now working on adding a feature to give users what they want.

According to Jane Manchun Wong , who is very famous for her work in reverse engineering , Twitter is currently working on a new feature for tweets called “Undo Send” . The feature will give users the option to cancel a tweet within a specified period of time even after posting it, giving users a chance to edit the tweet before everyone else sees it. It should be noted that the timer does not take long, so you will need to be quick to spot all grammatical and spelling errors in the tweet.


Editing is not a later edit like Facebook, you will only be able to do it within a certain time after sharing the Tweet. In this case, you can follow the traditional way of letting your followers know that there are some typos or mistakes in your tweet.

The “Undo Post” timer for tweets is currently in development , meaning it’s not publicly available at this time. That said, Wong gave us an idea of ​​what the feature’s UI would look like. Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly when the feature will be generally available.


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