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The Biggest Leak Ever Revealed for GTA 6

It would be nice if we say that almost no information has been given for the production of GTA 6 , which Rockstar Games announced that it has started to work on . Details such as how the gameplay will be or what kind of map we will see in the game were kept secret.

But the other day, there were leaks that would reveal all these details for the production. The gameplay videos, which are said to be taken from the development phase of the new game and belong to the game, have been published.


GTA 6 Revealed For The First Time

Images, which are still unclear how they were obtained, suddenly began to spread in the internet world. It seems that the gameplay dynamics for the game are also revealed in the images published on the GTA forums and social media.

There are gameplay videos in the footage, but we also see the use of code viewers, tools like frame calculation tools. So this means that some videos from the development phase of the game are leaking.

If we look at the statements made by Jason Schreier , one of the leading names in the industry , it is highly likely that the leaks are real.

Rockstar Games has not yet released a statement on the subject, but there is a copyright war against the shared videos. Videos shared on both YouTube and Twitter, stating that they belong to the production of GTA 6 , are being removed one by one.


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