PhoneHub for ChromeOS Announced!

With the 10th birthday of ChromeOS, Google’s own operating system for laptops, Google announced a number of new features, including Phone Center, designed to make Android phones work better with ChromeOS. The PhoneHub service offers a built-in control center that brings essential features from your Android phone to your Chromebook. In fact, this feature is exactly the same as the service of controlling the phone from a computer , which Microsoft recently offered with the Your Phone application in cooperation with Samsung .

This feature allows you to read and reply to text messages from your Chromebook, check your phone’s battery level and cellular signal, turn on your hotspot and even find it. PhoneHub also shows the Chrome browser tabs you’ve recently opened on your Android phone, making it easy to pick up where you left off.


ChromeOS can now sync WiFi networks on your phone as well, meaning your Chromebook will now automatically connect whenever your phone is within range of previously connected WiFi networks. Google also plans to introduce Nearby Share between ChromeOS and Android devices, allowing you to instantly and securely share files between devices.


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