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Paid Subscription System Coming to Twitter: Twitter Blue

Twitter, one of the social media giants, works hard to make the platform different and makes collective innovations. The first was a Clubhouse-like feature called Twitter Spaces, another was a tip box where you could pay content creators, followed by the ability to send voice messages to Direct Messages, and most recently, the company is working on a paid Twitter experience called Twitter Blue.

Uncovered by reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong, paid users will have exclusive features reserved just for them. One will be a clutter-free news reading experience, courtesy of the recently acquired Tryscroll.


The other is the experience of creating a bookmark with folders.

This feature is similar to foldering/collection, which allows you to save the posts you come across in a more organized way, just like on Instagram.


“Undo send”

Finally, Wong also revealed that another new feature Twitter is working on is Undo Send . This way, if you regret sharing a tweet, you can immediately withdraw it (first time?)

Engineer Wong noted that Twitter will have different paid tiers, with the cheapest starting at $2.99. It is not yet known when Twitter will launch the new features, but it seems unlikely that the uptake will be this big.


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