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FIFA 23 FUT Innovations Announced! What Has Changed?


In fact, it would be more accurate to say that the announcements are detailed. Now, FIFA 23 FUT innovations have been announced.


Since it is the place where FIFA lovers spend the most time, we can say that the innovations to be made in the FUT section are more important. So what are the new features announced? Don’t worry, we’ll take a look one by one.

FIFA 23 FUT Innovations and Details

Let’s move on, piece by piece. We will understand better.

FUT Moments Feature

The biggest change seems to be here. Moments , which we can translate into Turkish as moments, will bring a new dynamic to the game. By entering the new chapter, players will replay certain stories.

For example, you will get the game when Mbappe is at his feet while attacking in a match and you will try to fulfill the given tasks in that short time. Some stories will be time-limited, while others will remain permanent.

When you complete the tasks given during the moments, you will earn stars. You will also be able to use these stars to open packages. Thus, the reward part will be made easier.

A free kick, a corner kick, a moment when you attack, anything can happen in the scenario. I will add video samples.


As for the Fut Stars part, which you will earn with the success you have achieved in the moments , as we said, it will be like the new currency for this game. You will be able to open packages or access additional gifts by using these stars in the Fut Stars gallery.

Chemistry System Changes with FIFA 23 FUT

The second part of FIFA 23 FUT innovations will be changes to chemistry. The chemistry system is very important to FUT. It affects the fate of the game and the success of the team. EA states that they have overhauled the chemistry system.

Now the effects of the chemistry system will be different. Especially on the basis of players, a lot of changes have been made for chemistry. For example, if players are played outside of their original positions, the chemistry of the players will now be zero and this will be indicated by an exclamation point

If you play a player with ST as an MO, you will receive a warning like this. In the new system, players will have alternative positions. For example, when a player is ST, his alternative position can be OF. You will see that there are 2 different alternative positions .

With the position change cards, the player’s position can be changed and then used in one of the alternate positions according to his chemistry.

n the other hand, for the icon football players, playing in the right position will be enough for them to have full chemistry. To learn all the details of the chemistry system, you can visit the link here . There are more details.

Changes to Live FUT Friend Matches

Cooperative gameplay is now supported in live FUT matches. Users;

  • everyone is one
  • Alone
  • There will only be gameplay options such as co-op.
  • Transfer Market Renewed

    Among the FIFA 23 FUT innovations is the transfer market regulation. Unified transfer market will now be available for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, Google Stadia players.

    We will see that there is a separate transfer market for PC and Switch players .

    Changes to Leaderboards

    With the expansion of cross-platform support, there will also be changes to the leaderboards. You will be able to see the Global leaderboards when the game is played with cross-platform support turned on . There will also be local leaderboards for individual platforms. We will no longer be able to see the first 200 leaderboards either.

    More Customization Options for Stadiums

    More customization options for stadiums will also be available with FIFA 23 FUT . Many additional items will be available, such as new animations, new lighting.

  • Rename for Teams

    Users will now be able to rename their club to innumerable. In addition, we will see that the club delete feature has been removed.

  • FIFA 23 FUT innovations are like this in general. We see that the Moments system and the new Chemistry system changes stand out. Let’s see how the players will deal with this situation.


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