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Expected Update for Spotify for Android

Spotify is already a streaming music service, of course, but the company also has the feature in its desktop apps that will allow users to catalog local MP3 files and play them on your hard drive.

For music that is not in Spotify’s online library, the company allows you to transfer the music to your private Spotify library using your desktop sync; this is a bit of an awkward process where many teenagers rarely use PCs.


Now it looks like Spotify is working on detecting and playing your smartphone music on your smartphone without having to sync it from your desktop computer. This new feature was discovered by reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong, who tweeted:

This means, for example, that if someone sends you an MP3 via WhatsApp, you can now listen to it along with your regular Spotify music in the same app. It looks like the feature will be enabled with a toggle in Settings. Unfortunately, it is unclear whether and when Spotify will offer this feature.


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