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Call of Duty Warzone Mobile Officially Announced

The first announcement was made for Call of Duty Warzone Mobile , which has been under development with the code name Project Aurora for a while . For the new production prepared at Activision studios, a short video was released and the name of the game became definite.

The first teaser video shared also revealed when the detailed promotion will take place.


Call of Duty Warzone Mobile to be Detailed in September

All details for the game and information such as the release date will be announced at the Call of Duty Next event , which will be held on September 15 .

We will learn more at this event, but for now, the known game will be released for both Android and iOS platforms.


We will also see that the production is a direct battle royale game as a genre. We will share much more information after the announcement of the game, which will come with new maps, new gameplay structure, new weapons and much more.

For now, let’s add the first teaser video that has been shared for production. Now for the rest, we have to wait for the Call of Duty Next event.


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