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Android 12 Coming: Developer Preview Released!

Internet and software giant Google today announced the release of the first Developer Preview of Android 12 , the next major update coming to Android devices . In this first preview release, Google has added a number of features related to security and manageability.

For example, Google has simplified password restrictions for managed devices with preset complexity levels high, medium or low to be used to access devices. Google is also making credential management easy for unmanaged devices. We have listed all the innovations that come with the Android 12 version for you:


Simplifying password complexity

It’s starting to offer a simpler, modern approach to password restrictions for users using work profile devices. You will be able to create high, medium or low predetermined levels of complexity that will be used to access the device, rather than elaborate requirements that often result in easily forgotten passwords.

Easily create a job security inquiry

Improvements have been made to the device setup process to alert employees whose passwords provided are not meeting the complexity requirements set by their managers. Users who receive a prompt can choose to increase the strength of their device password, or you will be able to create a safety query to access apps in their work profile. If approved by your IT team, employees can revert to a password for both business and personal use if they change their minds.

Certificate management on unmanaged devices

In Android 12 release, credential management for unmanaged devices is now easy by making the process available to apps as well as the device policy client. With this expanded credential management, more companies will be able to provide secure access to employees regardless of their location, a key requirement during the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, employees will be able to avoid the laborious, manual process of installing certificates themselves.

Enrollment-specific IDs for personal devices

A new enterprise-specific device identifier is being created for employee-owned and company-managed devices that can help improve privacy should an employee leave their current employer. Personal devices will receive a program-derived new identifier upon registration, rather than relying on hardware identifiers such as IMEI or serial numbers.


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