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You Can Now Post 10 Minute Videos on TikTok!

As of the beginning of the week, some TikTok users have been informed that they can upload videos up to 10 minutes with a notification they receive by the application . The company told The Verge team that the update in question was carried out worldwide.

Last year, they increased the time from 1 minute to 3 minutes.

TikTok initially had a maximum time limit of 1 minute and increased it to 3 minutes last July. The company aims to see more engagement from its users by extending the time allowed per video, which may result in higher ad revenues.


Some selected users were already able to upload five-minute videos, but with TikTok’s latest update, all users will be able to post feature length videos. This change will encourage more users to take videos and may increase overall engagement, but we don’t know yet how well it will work with the “For You” algorithm.

Matt Navarra, the company’s Social Media Consultant and Industry Analyst, told The Verge team that longer-format video is easier to monetize and keeps users on screen longer.




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