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You Can Move Your WhatsApp Chats To Another Phone Number!

WhatsApp has a rather archaic system where your identity and chat history are tied to the phone number you are using from an operator rather than a real account. Of course, Facebook wants to change this pattern, and while that has its downsides when it comes to privacy, there are also advantages when it comes to account management.

WABetaInfo reports that in addition to allowing the migration of chats from iOS to Android and vice versa, the company is also working on letting you move chats from one phone to another.


This feature, which we expect to be available to everyone soon, will be incredibly useful for those who cannot or do not want to migrate their numbers to a new device. The feature, which was improved on the old version by allowing you to change both your phone and number while preserving your chat history, is not yet live, but is expected to be available in a few weeks.


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