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WhatsApp Tests Encrypted Backups on Android

While using WhatsApp, your messages are encrypted end-to-end, which means that some malicious people who take a hobby to intrude into people’s private lives cannot easily see the content of your message while you are messaging with someone else through some software means. However, if you keep a backup stored in the cloud, authorities can use a search warrant to have Google Drive or iCloud transfer access to the data.

But the situation at this point is now changing, WABetaInfo previously reported that WhatsApp is working on a technology to independently encrypt your backups in the cloud, and it says this backup encryption system has been enabled in the latest beta update for Android (


If you want to sign up for the beta program and test the technology, you should know that if you forget your password / lose the 64-digit recovery key, all your information will be permanently locked, and the company says it will securely backup your chat history and media with an important caveat on this issue; If you lose your password, even WhatsApp won’t be able to help you access your backups.

The Facebook-owned company is also currently testing a version of the software that works on multiple devices, maintaining end-to-end encryption whether you have a phone or not. If you’re a beta program user, we recommend checking your version carefully, as posts on social media suggest that closed encryption tests are expanding to include more people.


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