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WhatsApp Multi-Device Support Now Available on iOS!

WhatsApp multi-device support, which allows you to send and receive WhatsApp messages from your desktop device without being connected to your phone, is now available in the stable version of the iOS app. Previously, WhatsApp was only available to Testflight users on iOS, an extremely limited and mostly closed user group. If you have installed version of the app on your device, you may be prompted to connect devices.

Although the Multi-Device Feature is integrated into the stable version, it is still under development and released as Beta. The company specifies the limited functions in this beta program by warning users as follows before use:

  • You cannot call or send messages to users who have an older version of WhatsApp installed on their phone from Web, Desktop or Portal devices.
  • There may be impacts on performance and quality.
  • There may be some other minor problems.



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