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What are WhatsApp Communities? When will it be in use?

WhatsApp Communities update has been on the agenda for 2-3 months. There have been many leaks for the new feature, which we think will expand the scope of the instant messaging application a little more.

However, the official presentation was never made. until April 14. The company made the announcement for this new feature, which has been talked about over leaks for a long time. A press release for the new episode was also published on the official blog page. Of course, the question now is what this new feature is. Let’s try to explain the new feature based on what we learned and the press release.


What are WhatsApp Communities?

WhatsApp Communities; It is a new section that will gather many individual groups under a single roof and facilitate the management of groups.

Thanks to this new tab, the work of businesses, non-profit organizations and small businesses, especially those that have to manage a large number of groups, will be made easier. Instead of opening many groups one by one, the communities tab, which is managed from a single place and gathers all groups under one roof, makes much more sense.

The feature is very new so it’s a little hard to explain, but let’s go into more detail over the example WhatsApp gave.

Let’s say there is a non-governmental organization . He does various humanitarian aid work. This organization has different WhatsApp groups that it has set up for its operations. It’s like a different group for food aid, a different group for shelter work. Each group has its own members, and each group is actually interested in its own field.

In the current system, it is very difficult to manage all these groups separately and to make decisions or plans with the group members. That’s where WhatsApp Communities come into play.

Now, the administrators of this non-governmental organization that we mentioned in our example will be able to gather all these separate groups on the community page of the non-governmental organization.


In the created community, information about the organization can be given. It will be possible to see how many groups there are and which groups they are. Announcements covering all groups can be made. So many groups will be organized from one place.


I will add the shared images, so you will understand better. When looked at like this, WhatsApp Communities sounds like a logical system, right? It can help in many areas such as small businesses, non-governmental organizations, schools. Even for large families, I think it will be a good help in managing family groups.

What Other Details for Communities?

I hope that now we have more or less understood what WhatsApp Communities are. Then let’s talk about the aforementioned rules and details. I would like to address them item by item.

It was once said that in the new system, messages will be protected by end-to-end encryption . In other words, it will be ensured that there are no privacy and security problems.

Community admins will have more authority here. Such as deleting posts in groups from all users, blocking people in groups and removing them from the group at the same time, making individual or collective announcements to groups within the community.

  • WhatsApp powers will still continue to block groups and communities that engage in illegal activities.
  • It is said that there will be no feature such as searching and discovering communities.
  • Users can now leave WhatsApp Communities they don’t want to join. There will also be a feature to leave the group silently. Will be able to choose who can add them to communities or not.
  • Users will be able to continue their communication within the groups they belong to as in the current system.
  • When will it be in use?

    WhatsApp made statements stating that it is working on the new section. An announcement has been made for the new feature, but it is not yet available to all users. We haven’t been able to find an exact date.

    Yes , this is what we will say for WhatsApp Communities . More details will definitely be revealed in the future. More details are needed, especially on the rules. We will understand the process better. We also update our content according to the news.


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