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We Lost the Last Fortress: Paid Membership Snapchat Plus Coming!

Snapchat , one of the social media platforms , has chosen to join the social media platform with a paid subscription and is preparing to provide more different content to users with a paid subscription. Company spokesperson Liz Markman told The Verge team that Snapchat Plus is in early internal testing and is excited about its potential to share exclusive, experimental and pre-release features with subscribers and learn how they can best serve their communities.

What does Snapchat Plus offer?

Conversely, software engineer Alessandro Paluzzi managed to leak the features of Snapchat Plus in a post he shared on his Twitter account. This way, Plus subscribers will be able to mark a friend as their #1 BFF, get access to special Snapchat icons, display a badge on their profile that indicates they’re a Plus member, and see where their friends are for 24 hours (as long as their friends allow it).

According to Paluzzi, Snapchat Plus will cost 4.59 euros per month and 45.99 euros per year, while pricing for the United States will be $4.81 per month and $48.21 per year.


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