Volvo Recalls 200,000 Vehicles!

Known as the strongest car today, Volvo is recalling the vehicles it sold between 2015-2016. Here is why…

Sweden -based automotive giant Volvo has come to the fore with the robust vehicles it has produced in our country so far. The reason why we do not see many of them in our country despite producing such robust and stylish vehicles is the prices. However, Volvo is more in demand in foreign countries.


Volvo had previously recalled nearly 130,000 vehicles abroad. Now it is recalling a larger number of vehicles than that. This recall operation only applies to Sweden. The reason is a problem in the fuel hose of the vehicles produced in those years.

Volvo stated that there was a problem with the fuel hose on models sold in Sweden in the years mentioned. It was predicted that if this problem progressed, problems could occur in the fuel system, up to cracks, and 200 thousand vehicles were recalled.

Even if the problem that arises in Volvo V40, S60, V60, V70, XC70, S80, XC60 and XC90 models does not please the owners, the company’s recall of the vehicles will prevent their future expenses. Of course, it is not known how much this situation will cost the company. 

As a matter of fact, in the past, companies did not call the vehicles in such problems. There were even companies that did not care about users who went to the service with the problem. Volvo’s gesture shows that it cares about its users. We hope they fix the problem soon.


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