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Twitter Will Be Updated With Leave Conversation Feature

Twitter , which is one click behind from visual-oriented social media applications such as Instagram, as it proceeds mostly through texts, aims to offer better opportunities to its existing users with the latest updates.

We will see a new feature in the last update that the application will release in order to increase the user experience. This feature, which stands out with the name Leave Conversation , will also eliminate a known problem.


What Is Twitter Planning With the Leave Conversation Feature?

The new feature will prevent users from constantly receiving notifications from a topic or message they have previously replied to. In a way, you’ll be leaving the conversation, where you’re commenting (or participating, let’s say).

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I hope that if we explain the operation of the system, we can explain the situation better. When users use the leave conversation feature;

  • Notifications from the conversation will be stopped and you will not receive constant notifications about that conversation.
  • This will be blocked when other users want to mention you in the conversation. (The mentioning feature with @ will be turned off)
  • Your username will remain in your comment when you join the conversation, but there will be no username tag.
  • This new feature seems to be very practical. I think Twitter users will like it. For now, the new feature has not been officially announced. It turned out to be a leak again.

    But there is another situation. This time, a screenshot has also appeared in the shared leak. Thanks to the screenshot, we were also able to understand that Twitter is working on this feature. We don’t know when it will be released.


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