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Twitter Tip Box Feature Revealed

The Twitter tip box feature will be one of the last moves of the social media giant. When it comes to Facebook, Clubhouse, Instagram updates, it seems like it’s time for the Twitter platform.

There is no official announcement at the moment, but if the tip box move is actually made, Twitter will literally be keeping up with the trend. What’s the deal here? What exactly is a feature expected? Let’s see.


What will the Twitter tip box system provide?

Tip on the name. Jane Manchun Wong, who we know as a reverse engineer and examines beta versions , is the person who discovered the new feature.

When we look at the visual details, this feature will allow content producers, that is, those who share, to make a profit.

Any amount of money can be supported by publishers via Paypal, Patreon, Venmo, Bandcamp, Cas App . In a way, the way to support users will be opened. It is not clear whether it will be applied worldwide or for limited countries.

We have already said that this system, which will function as a tipping system, has not been officially announced. We will wait for the official announcement. At the moment, we can say that it is a feature that emerged after the beta codes were extracted, a system that was tested.

But as I said at the beginning, this is the fashion for social media applications. The virtual tip is already a used system. Especially TikTok is one of the leading examples of this situation.


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