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Twitter Flock Coming: Twitter’s “Close Friends” Feature!

Twitter, one of the social media giants, is working to adapt the “Close Friends” feature of Instagram to its own platform. The company was testing off a feature called “Trusted Friends” last July, and since then mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi has been tracking how far Twitter has come.

Get close to your close friends online too: Twitter Flock.

Paluzzi’s latest findings give us clear ideas about how the feature might work. Twitter is working on a Twitter Flock demo panel that explains that you can add 150 people in total . Only Flock members that you have added to your own list can see and reply to the tweets you share on the Flock side. In fact, the main logic is exactly the same as the Instagram Close Friends system.

Also, if you are on someone’s Flock list, when the person you follow posts a tweet on the Flock side, a green lighting tag will appear under the relevant tweet. Thus, you can distinguish Flock-specific tweets from the main tweets.


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