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Twitter Blue’s Turkey Price Has Been Raised Before It’s Released!

One of the social media giants, Twitter’s paid subscription system , Twitter Blue , is currently available abroad and is expected to start operating in our country in the near future. The Twitter Blue program will offer special privileges to users, but the price has increased before it even comes to our country. When we look at Twitter’s App Store page, we see a tear-dropping price tag.

The paid subscription service called Twitter Blue was introduced about a year ago, and it was stated that it would offer some privileged premium features to normal platform users , especially the most beautiful one , that you could set your NFTs as your profile picture and show them separately.


While the subscription system was sold for $2.99 ​​in snack money in the United States, when it came to our country, it was expected that it would be sold for a coffee amount of 30.99 TL.

Twitter Blue’s Apple App Store price is 109.99 TL!

As we mentioned, Twitter Blue is not active in our country yet, but the price information has started to appear in the iOS store of the application, this may be a sign that the service will be available in our country, but currently the price tag is seen as 109.99 TL and this price will be allocated every month since it is a subscription.

Of course, this price will change when it starts operating, because instead of the official Turkey price determined by Twitter, let us state that the US price of Twitter Blue may be automatically translated according to the TL/dollar parity in the App Store, so we may encounter a different price when Twitter Blue is launched in Turkey. .


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