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The Period of Making Money with Clubhouse Begins

Clubhouse , a breakthrough that could win the enterprise award of the year , is growing very decisively. Although it is only active for iOS users, it is not an obstacle for the growth of this platform. The results show that we will talk more about the application.

I’m going through the parts of how big it has grown and all, and I’m talking about the new announcement. The growing platform gave good news for content producers and indicated that the monetization period will begin.


Making money with Clubhouse? Come on good luck!

According to a social media post made on March 14, the Clubhouse Creator First program has started. This program, which will make money for content producers, will of course be tried first.

In the first stage, a trial will be held with the participation of 20 people. 20 content producers will be selected by the applications made from the created application address.


As a result, these content producers who appeal to the masses will be able to earn a certain amount of income. How will this profit come? Will the ad system work for your business? Will there be donation payments? Will agreements be made with brands?


If we want to ask questions, line by line questions will appear. But I would like to point out that there is no answer for now. Implementation officials have not yet announced the earnings system definitively. In time, we will be able to be informed about this issue and of course we will be sharing the details. After all, we are talking about a voice-based platform. The earning system may work a little differently.


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